‘Out of this world’ babes and NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream Review

A couple of weeks back I had the pleasure of being invited to a little blogger meet in London at Stratford shopping centre. I finally got to meet two good blogger pals, Mookie and Leah, for the first time as well as getting to meet some new faces. I was really excited. Sharon and I traversed the tube before ending up at a glittering Christmas laden Westfield. After some dallying we headed out to do some shopping.

A heads up, Westfield Stratford City is abysmal for fat shopping. Though to be fair I think we all knew this and were just killing time until our meal reservation. I requested a pit stop into Boots for some dry shampoo and naturally we found our way into the cosmetics section.

I’ve recently become a bit of a fan of NYX. I’ve bought some under eye cream and 3 of their Soft Matte Lip Creams so far and I’m pretty chuffed with all of them so far. Much to absolute delight there was a NYX counter in this particular Boots. The staff looked INCREDIBLE. Their make up was amazing. I was cooing to the others about the lip creams and urging them to give them a try, when Leah and I came across the new Cosmic Metals Lip Creams.

Leah being the bad influence she is on me anyway convinced me to buy one. All the colours are pretty amazing.

Image taken from NYX Instagram c/o @laurelfreedbeauty

Naturally I opted for the green shade, Out of This World. I’ve been on the hunt for a green lippy and so far I’ve only seen ones from Lime Crime and Jeffree Star, which I’m not touching with a barge pole. So I was excited to find green shade, that’s cheap, and a brand that (so fat, fingers crossed) are pretty un-problematic. This one is an emerald green with a green and gold pearl.



With my little win bought and tucked into my grubby paws we headed out to dinner. We were booked in at a lovely Brazilian place, Cabana. Great service. Lots of laughs, lots of chat, a little belly ache, and we were parting ways.

You ever meet people and immediately feel like you’ve known them for years? That’s how they all made me feel. I forgot just how much I feel revitalised in company like that.

Picture outrageously stolen from @curvywordy


So what is this? Some kinda diary? Where’s the bloody lipstick?

Ok, ok it’s here.

I was a bit hesitant to buy it, despite it’s amazing colour, because even though it says lip cream it’s pretty glossy.

Fuck it, though, right?

So I LOVE IT. The colour pigmentation is gorgeous. This is just one coat:


Super pigmented and glossy. It’s very opaque. As someone who’s pretty hamfisted I found them easy to apply. The long applicator and the doefoot brush made it easier to get quite a crisp (for me) line. The formula is very thick, almost gloopy. (Ha, I love that word. Gloooooooopy.)


I will say that be mindful that a lot of product comes out on the brush so if you want to build up the cover it might be tricky. As I said the forumula is very thick and so this might not be the best for daytime wear. I haven’t worn it all day but I can’t see it being long lasting past eating and drinking. But it’s a knockout for a night out if you’re into a poured on look.

I did try blotting my lips and I found that it still looked great. Gave it a more matte looking, almost steely finish.


For £7 this is a total bargain. Amazing colour, highly pigmented, and a lot of bang for your buck. I’m not going to rush out and buy many glosses but this is a little shimmering jewel in my collection.

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