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  1. I love this post – super interesting but also highlighting a real gap in plus size fashion. Don’t give us dresses and expect us to make do – we want full representation!

  2. I love the rockabilly style. I would say I’m happier in casuals than dresses but like you say being a 22+ it’s hard to find stuff I like. I love the shirts and cardi’s but there too short for my lumps and bumps. I have made myself a few tops but. I’m new to the look and slowly transforming so I can wear casual all the time. I’ll have to wait for a bigger wardrobe first. Thank you for the blog x

    1. It’s a journey and I guess you learn what you like, and what you feel comfortable with.
      The cardigan thing is weirdly difficult. I hope to do some more research into this in time so if there’s anything you’re struggling with let me know and maybe we can come up with a solution together.

    1. Cheers lovely! Repro brands kinda force our hand a lot of the time by not supplying sizes over a 24 so we have to get creative and look elsewhere.

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