Steve Miller, can you not?

According to former-fattie Steve Miller, the irrelevant banshee of fat hate from Fat Families, fat people don’t have a sex life and are not found attractive.

I can only assume this wretched dullard has some book or some shit coming out soon and he’s being especially antagonistic. Maybe he got bored with his cancer rants?
I’m curious to know what Steve Miller *thinks* he knows about the inner workings of other people’s lives but considering he appears to barely have a soul I’m not sure he’s really an authority on anything other than to hate fat people because he hates himself too.

Like any fat-hater with a platform they are unable to tell the difference between correlation and causation. Sometimes being fat puts you at higher risk of certain disases, but this isn’t ever 100% of the case AND it’s not the cause. It can be related but that’s it. So scaremongering with providing no scientific evidence is pretty standard.

What’s interesting about this particular outburst is he’s trying to play on a lot of what the fat community works to improve on. Fat people ARE marginilised and kept out of mainstream media, and through blogging platforms and other areas, we work to improve our visibility. By using it against us to contradict us he thinks this somehow gives his bullshit any legitimacy. But it’s also a very real, very human element to it that he can use, moreso than trying to push the easily refutable ‘science’ he spouts.

However, my biggest issue with this is coming from both sides. Naturally people are firing back with their own evidence of relationships, babies, and excellent counterpoints. But why are we even indulging in this narrative that sex and desirability are at the core of our value and self worth? Why is it only when people find us attractive does that invalidate any fat hate?

Someone doesn’t find me attractive? Big fucking deal.

Some people aren’t interested in sex at all. Lets stop erasing asexual identities with these bullshit narratives. Stop giving creedence to this ridiculous argument. Fat bodies are already fetishized and objectified by those that do want to fuck us. In turn fat bodies are ridiculed and reviled by those who don’t. Stop both sides deciding that their fucking boners are worth shit.

Steve Miller, I couldn’t care less of you, or anyone else wants to fuck me because my sexual desireability isn’t the core of worth. What I think of myself matters more.


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