Spoopy Halloweenie 2k16

Did you all have a fun Halloween?

I think this may have been one of the best in ages. My super rad chum Sharon at Rad Fat Feminist invited me to spend Halloween with her at a couple of events and I was so down! I spent about three days putting together a costume which, for me, was pretty awesome considering the complete lack of fine motor skills and any crafting ability.

I’ve recently dyed my hair orange and I wanted to try and incorporate that into my costume. I opted to go for Keyleth, the druid, from the Critical Role show on Twitch.




Friday night we went to a house party and I got to meet some of Sharon’s super awesome friends and hopefully made some friends there too, including Michaela¬†from Cardiffornia Girl. ¬†Saturday night we went to Club Indulge , a fat positive club night, with some of the folks from the house party again in fancy dress. While I was totally up for it I was a little cautious about the club night. I was worried it was going be a little fetish-y but I had nothing to worry about. It was a total blast. Everyone was super friendly and there was a really easy going vibe to the night. The DJ couldn’t phase songs together to save his life but it didn’t hamper the night and if nothing else we got a pretty eclectic mix of music throughout the night.


It was interesting to me, as someone who isn’t bothered about going out on the town, how much more comfortable I felt at this kind of club night. I didn’t think I’d feel different at all, but I did. I haven’t been out much since I quit roller derby so I don’t have much to compare it to, but I think there was a notable difference and I’m really glad that people are able to create these safe spaces for fat folks to be able to have fun and socialise.

I was pretty tired from such an intense weekend of partying, staying up late, and kipping on Sharon’s floor. I crawled into my hoodie on the train home but grateful to have had such a great time and the opportunity to hang out with some many rad folks.

As sad as I was so leave everyone I got to come home to my favourite pumpkin:



Hope your Halloween was extra spoopy!

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