Oh hey!

Hey, remember me?

It’s ok. I can forgive you for forgetting. It’s been rather a long time. I could make a meatier post out of it but I’ll just say that over the last few months my life was in the shitter. My personal circumstances became really difficult to manage and I needed to focus on that, instead of feeling like a failure at blogging because I had no inspiration (or money!) to make posts.

On top of all my personal and financial difficulty I thought it’d be a good idea to enrol at college at the age of 31. Ten years into care work and I’ve decided that it’s got an expiry date for me. After injuring my back a couple of years ago I’ve slowly realised the toll the injury has had on me, how different things are for me now, and having a job where I’m being pulled about, slapped around, and putting pressure on my body is just not going to work for me long term. I appreciate that most job are demanding on the body but I felt I needed a skill at least. So I enrolled on a part time hairdressing course.

When it comes to learning anything new I am my own worst enemy. I’m so defeatist. I have a lot of insecurity about my intelligence and anything that challenges that is hard. Especially when that challenge comes with the added bonus of practical application and my fine motor skills are questionable at best.

For the most part the course has been good. I’ve actually done really well on my written exams. I’ve passed them all and I passed my shampoo and blow dry practical with a distinction. I did my first hair up in class.





I also taught myself how to do French and Dutch plaits. I know that isn’t a big deal for most people who’ve been doing them since they were kids but I’ve never done them before so I was very pleased with myself.



So that’s where I am currently. I’m petrified of the coming months and whether I’ll be good enough to pass. Mostly because I’ve paid a fortune so far for this course and not passing is not an option. But also I need to know that I’m going to have options for the future because things can’t carry on the way they have been.

Please feel free to send me any hair inspirations you have!


Oh, and I guess happy new year?

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