Miss Match

Truthfully I had no intention of posting these photos. While I had planned the outfit in my head and was really excited to put it together, it didn’t translate quite how I had in mind. Things didn’t sit how I imagined, didn’t pair up as I’d hoped. My hair was messy, the day was windy and made everything blow around and ruffle out of place. I felt really disheartened.

Then I realised that that was exactly why I needed to post them.

Ruby Thunder, plus size

If I’m honest I’m not the most fashion concious person. I’m not one for spending time on my appearance. Mostly because the way I spend ym time doesn’t call for it. My job as a carer means that I have to wear a lot of stuff that I’m prepared to have pulled at, have various bodily fluids splashed on, keep me cool as I rush about in an already warm house, not reveal too much skin, and just be generally practical.

Ruby Thunder, plus size
Dang wind!
When I’m not at work I’m basically slobbing out on my pj’s. As I tend to work evenings there is little time for me to relax after work before bedtime, so I spend most mornings before work curled up eating toast and watching Steven Universe. On my days off it’s Dragon Age marathons.
When I started blogging here I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to achieve. I think I just wanted to be another fat body for fellow fat people to see in a positive way. A fat body wearing what they wanted, no matter what fashion media tried to say. Mostly because when I was growing up I had no such thing.

Ruby Thunder, plus size


Ruby Thunder, plus size

But the fact remains that it’s ok if things aren’t quite right. This is more of a reflection of me. A little mix of this and that; a cheapy casual top with something a little more expensive in this instance.
I like to shop about and piece together what I can. Sometimes it means forking out a little more, like this adorable Modcloth skirt. Quality fabric in a vivacious red, with a lovely soft white underskirt. The skirt is very full but isn’t heavy.
Paired with a cute, and cheap, top from Primark. This is a pretty casual box tee with rolled sleeves. This is actually a size 20 (I’m generally a 24/26 on top) but it’s probably meant to be really baggy but if it works, it works. I love the cheesy tattoo flash pattern on it. For a fiver how could I not?!

Outfit details
Top: Primark size 20
Skirt: Modcloth 4XL
Shoes: Hush Puppies

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  1. I've got all the time in the world for these photos, and photos like these. I see so many outfits with not a fucking hair out of place, everything controlled to the nth degree, and think 'How is this real life?' Normal people aren't perfect and perfect people aren't normal. Thanks for keeping it real! xx

  2. Thank you, Steph. I think it's hard sometimes because you sometimes have to come to terms with how your fat body shapes things, and how differently so. Sometimes that's difficult. But trying to make the best out of it!

  3. I've NEVER done the socks/shoe thing before. I've always avoided it because I've never been a fan of my legs. I'm still a bit unsure but I think I might try it again.

    Thank you for the lovely comment!

  4. I absolutely love this outfit the socks and shoes I've wanted to try that for an age, I really think I'm gonna soon! As a carer I hear you too, I work crazy hours and a lot of the time when others are playing, then I feel people drained after and curl up! But back to the outfit it rocks x

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