Melting away chronic illness with Bubba’s Meltys

With big, bouncy pigtails, an even bigger smile, and a waft of heavenly smells coming from the stall I was too curious not to come and see. The table was crammed full of spooky looking products.

Cheryl is the owner of Bubba’s Meltys; an independent wax melts and candle company. Made from home, with the help of her family, she creates these wonderful items. But there’s an unusual twist: every item is named after a mental, physical, invisible, or chronic illness.

Naturally, I was curious so I asked what it was all about.

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Witchcasket Unboxing

Hey, so it’s been a minute since I last showed my face but here’s a new(ish)video I did on my new Witchcasket subscription box.



Have you joined any subscription boxes lately? Any you would recommend? Let me know!



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Mainstream goth with Topsy Curvy

If there’s a dress that makes me want to attempt a social life, this just might be it.

I pre-ordered it at the beginning of last year from the fabulous ladies at Topsy Curvy, because shit like this is like gold dust in plus sizes.  As you know, if you read my last post, I’ve taken a bit of hiatus from things because shit got too hard so I don’t think they actually stock this anymore. BUT it might inspire you to look at flared sleeves because who doesn’t want to look like a sorceress? Exactly.

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Oh hey!

Hey, remember me?

It’s ok. I can forgive you for forgetting. It’s been rather a long time. I could make a meatier post out of it but I’ll just say that over the last few months my life was in the shitter. My personal circumstances became really difficult to manage and I needed to focus on that, instead of feeling like a failure at blogging because I had no inspiration (or money!) to make posts.

On top of all my personal and financial difficulty I thought it’d be a good idea to enrol at college at the age of 31. Ten years into care work and I’ve decided that it’s got an expiry date for me. After injuring my back a couple of years ago I’ve slowly realised the toll the injury has had on me, how different things are for me now, and having a job where I’m being pulled about, slapped around, and putting pressure on my body is just not going to work for me long term. I appreciate that most job are demanding on the body but I felt I needed a skill at least. So I enrolled on a part time hairdressing course.

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Forest Gothic with Simply Be.

Plus size alternative wear is a unicorn. We know it exists, we just have to close our eyes and wish really hard.

A large part of my wardrobe over the years has been finding pieces from mainstream stores and styling them to fit my personal aesthetic because just buying them from dedicated alternative stores isn’t an option.

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