Witchcasket Unboxing

Hey, so it’s been a minute since I last showed my face but here’s a new(ish)video I did on my new Witchcasket subscription box.



Have you joined any subscription boxes lately? Any you would recommend? Let me know!



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Curiology collection release

After being teased for what seems like forever by the Curiology Instagram page the new collection finally dropped February 1st and it’s just as gorgeous as I expected it to be. Here are some of my favourites.

Spire Necklace

How’s that for a statement piece? The detailing is gorgeous.

Pin Badges

I couldn’t pick just one. Look at these adorable pin versions of some new releases. Again, the detailing on the pieces is just breathtaking. I have the handheld size mirror, which is absolutely exquisite, and now they’ve released not only an adorable pin size version but now a wall mounted version too!

Crescent Earrings

I’m a sucker for anything with moon designs on and this set of crescent moon earrings with moon phases detailing is no exception. Like the design but not into earrings? No problem, it comes as a necklace too!

Skeletal Bat Hair Clips

These creepy bat hair clips are so cute and packed with gorgeous detailing. Not into hair clips? Comes as a necklace too!

February Limited Edition Necklaces/Set

This piece is a little different to a lot of the Curiology stuff because it’s quite colourful. There’s also an alternative skeletal hands version. You’ll have to be quick though, these are limited edition and only available throughout February!

Hex Necklace

Another gorgeous statement piece, incorporating that crescent moon design from the earlier earring/necklace pieces, this time with the addition of pentacles and an ouija planchette.

There’s so many more pieces in the new release and across the site. I absolutely adore the detailing out into them. Do you have any favourites?





Images taken from Curiology website These images do not belong to me.

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Mainstream goth with Topsy Curvy

If there’s a dress that makes me want to attempt a social life, this just might be it.

I pre-ordered it at the beginning of last year from the fabulous ladies at Topsy Curvy, because shit like this is like gold dust in plus sizes.  As you know, if you read my last post, I’ve taken a bit of hiatus from things because shit got too hard so I don’t think they actually stock this anymore. BUT it might inspire you to look at flared sleeves because who doesn’t want to look like a sorceress? Exactly.





It’s got a gorgeous, off the shoulder neckline. The elastic is quite firm so while it won’t last all day it’s not going to roll up straight away. The material is quite thick too, which I think suits this kind of dress. Oftentimes they are made in that shitty polyester material that makes you feel like you’ll burst into flames if you ran for the bus. Good job this bitch isn’t running anywhere.

While it is a dress you could totally wear this with leggings for the colder months, which I absolutely intend to do because leggings forever.





What I love about this brand is that their super affordable and they model the stuff themselves. I’ve got my eye on a couple of other bits of theirs so when I finally pay my college course off I might treat myself. It’s hard to find cute, casual stuff that isn’t just bullshit graphic tee-shirts. Like, I don’t care if prosecco made you do it, Susan.





Isn’t it great when you find gothy stuff in the mainstream? I know if I bought this from somewhere like Killstar this shit would cost me double (and not in my size) So thanks, Topsy Curvy!


Photography by: Grace Johnston Photography.

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Oh hey!

Hey, remember me?

It’s ok. I can forgive you for forgetting. It’s been rather a long time. I could make a meatier post out of it but I’ll just say that over the last few months my life was in the shitter. My personal circumstances became really difficult to manage and I needed to focus on that, instead of feeling like a failure at blogging because I had no inspiration (or money!) to make posts.

On top of all my personal and financial difficulty I thought it’d be a good idea to enrol at college at the age of 31. Ten years into care work and I’ve decided that it’s got an expiry date for me. After injuring my back a couple of years ago I’ve slowly realised the toll the injury has had on me, how different things are for me now, and having a job where I’m being pulled about, slapped around, and putting pressure on my body is just not going to work for me long term. I appreciate that most job are demanding on the body but I felt I needed a skill at least. So I enrolled on a part time hairdressing course.

When it comes to learning anything new I am my own worst enemy. I’m so defeatist. I have a lot of insecurity about my intelligence and anything that challenges that is hard. Especially when that challenge comes with the added bonus of practical application and my fine motor skills are questionable at best.

For the most part the course has been good. I’ve actually done really well on my written exams. I’ve passed them all and I passed my shampoo and blow dry practical with a distinction. I did my first hair up in class.





I also taught myself how to do French and Dutch plaits. I know that isn’t a big deal for most people who’ve been doing them since they were kids but I’ve never done them before so I was very pleased with myself.



So that’s where I am currently. I’m petrified of the coming months and whether I’ll be good enough to pass. Mostly because I’ve paid a fortune so far for this course and not passing is not an option. But also I need to know that I’m going to have options for the future because things can’t carry on the way they have been.

Please feel free to send me any hair inspirations you have!


Oh, and I guess happy new year?

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Stop using fat as a synonym for bad.

In news no one will find shocking Ashley Graham has said something problematic.

In a recent interview with People.com she is quoted as saying “There are some days I feel fat.”

Let me stop you there.

This kind of language is problematic for a number of reason, most notably that she’s framing this is a negative way. Framing fatness to equate to something negative is damaging and enforcing the narrative that fatness is bad. For someone who has happily ridden on the body positivity train to get where she is now this is NOT a body positive attitude. Plenty of people have been more than happy to sniff at me on Twitter: “but every body is a good body!” YES EXACTLY SO WHY IS SHE ASSOCIATING FATNESS WITH SOMETHING BAD THEN?


Her sickly platitudes about loving yourself as you are and then saying things like this merely reinforces my opinion that she isn’t body positive, or rather she perfectly represents the mess that body positivity has become now.

Throwing fat bodies under the bus is a huge problem in this movement, and a reason why I no longer associate with it.

So many people are quick to jump to her defence talking about how she’s helped them. That’s great, I’m glad you’re on your way to hopefully having a more loving and peaceful relationship with your body. But consider the fact that she’s only benefiting you. She’s not helping me, she’s not helping fat people who are the most marginalised by body policing. Calling Ashley Graham out for this is not for a second suggesting that thin people shouldn’t benefit from the BP movement, these issues affect all body types. But what it is doing is holding people accountable for continue to marginalise certain body types by associating them with negatively.

Put this way, Ashley may ‘sometimes’ feel fat; I AM fat. Every day. I can’t escape it, I can’t have fat days and none-fat days, and with that I can’t escape the abuse and oppression my body type suffers.

Not all of us wake up and hate our fat bodies. Stop using fatness as shorthand for your personal shortcomings.

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Forest Gothic with Simply Be.

Plus size alternative wear is a unicorn. We know it exists, we just have to close our eyes and wish really hard.

A large part of my wardrobe over the years has been finding pieces from mainstream stores and styling them to fit my personal aesthetic because just buying them from dedicated alternative stores isn’t an option.

No matter what my style has been over the years I’ve always had a soft spot for decadent goth; y’ know, the huge sleeves, flowing skirts, the drama. I wore this medieval gown for my 6th form ball for gods sake. How extra.

This is a bit late to the table; the tunic was actually gift from my partner for Christmas and to be honest it probably would have been sensible to wear it then. The material is heavy but comfortable with a gorgeous lace cut out detail. I love the high neckline; something as a busty fat person I’ve avoided for years because apparently a fashion “rule” is that I can’t wear them for fear of looking..fatter? Ha. Who the fuck knows anymore.

I put this with an old New Look Inspire maxi skirt and lots of big rings and a necklace as a head piece. I will say this, it’s inspired me to look into circlets as something to introduce into my outfits.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with Simply Be time and time again. I’ve found pieces on there that I’ve been searching for and not found anywhere else.

On the website the model wears this with and without trousers. I don’t know if I would wear this without something on my bottom half because it sits much higher on me because of my big belly. But I would love to style it with a mini skirt to give it a bit of a 70’s vibe, which I adore.  But with the maxi skirt it has a gorgeous Gothic feel. When I saw this top I pictured myself wearing this, strolling through a gloomy wood and the incredibly talented Grace made that a reality for me.

You can find the tunic over at Simply Be here.

Photography by the ever incredible Grace Johnston.

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Why Should We Care About Fat Shaming From Brands?

I had intended on writing out some thoughts about the recent Lush debacle but right now I’m currently bed bound with a bad back and I’m more interested in getting on with playing Skyrim and weathering the stomach ache the concoction of painkillers is giving me. Amanda Apparel recently wrote one out that you should totally check out. Though I may write something in time.

 But I did want to talk a little about the issue as a whole.

Brands and advertising have been using our bodies and tapping into (or crushing) our self-esteem to sell products since the dawn of time. How else can they shift their wares if not to assure us there is a void within us that these products can fill, some fault it can repair?

But why should we care?

When brands start getting involved in the science, and unavoidable politics, of health it opens the gates for the public to feel validated in policing fat bodies, more so than they already do.

Fat people are already subject to a lot of scrutiny. When strangers make comments, like when Tess Holiday recently spoke about how her Uber driver was scrutinising her health and size, to fat people having things taken out of their baskets at supermarkets, waiting staff deliberately changing orders of fries to broccoli. Not to mention the unfathomable amount of hatred they receive online for simply existing.

When brands start to talk about health in relation to size it sets a dangerous precedent. Most notably, as Lush’s recent IG fuck up illustrates, the information they share is almost always inaccurate if not outright false. There’s never any source to the figures. The most common thing I saw in the comments (and I thoroughly suggest you don’t read them) is that Lush were simply “stating the facts” when they were, in fact, not.

It also shows how little humanity is afforded to fat people. Shock statements, with no consideration for how true they may be, simply serve to place the ‘blame’ at the feet of fat people, and I say ‘blame’ because really what do fat people have to feel guilty for?

I was almost tempted to write about all the fat myths that have been dispelled but honestly, right now, that’s a level of emotional labour I’m simply not prepared to give to people who don’t care. I cared enough to seek this information out for myself, so I could be educated and informed.

They don’t care that fatness doesn’t CAUSE these diseases, and that something increasing your risk of an illness doesn’t mean you’re the only one who’s likely to suffer it. They don’t care that the BMI scale is proven to be inaccurate and false. It’s seemingly escaped their notice that all the diseases that fatness is apparently responsible for are diseases that are also suffered by thin people.

Take the host and fitness trainer on ‘Biggest Loser, Bob Harper almost dying from a heart attack. No one’s examining that. No one’s looking at how that changes things. No one’s talking about how yo-yo diet culture is vastly more responsible for long term illness, mental health issues, and diseases.

It doesn’t fit the narrative that’s been cultivated for decades. The narrative that brands push, that thinness is the beauty ideal and fatness is undesirable. These hordes of commenters do not care about our health. It’s never about health because if they did care they’d do their own research.

When brands engage in this political commentary they validate the hatred already levelled at fat people.  They are just another thing that is against us. They don’t care about our health and they never will.

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